Relive your childhood with the Muskegon Mall Madness and  play a live action Mall Madness game inside the Muskegon Museum of History and Science On October 18 from 6-7:30 p.m., help your team to be the first to complete your shopping list through stores like Hardy Herpolsheimers, Steketee’s, and more. The Muskegon Mall, which opened its doors in March 1974, was designed by enclosing three blocks of Western Avenue and constructing department stores at each end. One end featured Sears, while the other end was occupied by the Grand Rapids-based Steketee's. Additionally, the mall's construction led to the closure of sections of First, Second, and Jefferson Streets. As a third anchor, Hardy's, an established store dating back to 1881, was incorporated into the mall. It was paired with Herpolsheimer's after undergoing reconstruction in 1946. “This will be such a fun event for everyone,” said Lakeshore Museum Center program manager, Patrick Horn. “This experience gives museum guests the opportunity to explore a nostalgic piece of Muskegon history in an innovative way. By shopping through the stores, it allows guests to embrace a part of their childhoods or imagine the city as it once was.” Tickets are $12 for museum members and $15 for non-members. Registration for the event is required. Visitors can register online in Eventbrite. For more information about Mall Madness or other events by the Lakeshore Museum Center, call (231) 722-7578 or visit our