High Caliber Karting & Entertainment is bringing the heat this year, with multiple different offerings and a brand new membership plan, something an entertainment venue hasn’t offered to the public, at least in the Lansing area before. The Unlimited Fun Membership (UFM) debuts Friday, March 1, 2024, and will be available in person only for purchase.

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The Membership grants guests the ability to visit High Caliber multiple times a month, for just one set price, and participate in most activities unlimited, hence the name, Unlimited Fun Membership. The initial sign-up price is $75 (the same price as a single-day All Access Pass)  for the first month with a three-month commitment. There are two tiers of the membership that break down the available dates of the membership and monthly charges.

The Gold Membership grants access to unlimited play & activities any day of the week, including Fridays and weekends. The monthly recurring subscription is $75 but lets guests come in any day of the week and use their membership.

The Silver Membership grants access to unlimited play and activities Mondays through Thursdays with a recurring monthly subscription of $30.

Both memberships, regardless of the day they sign up, will have the ability to visit High Caliber as often as they want and get unlimited access to go-kart racing, axe throwingthrowbowlinggellyball battlesarchery tag, & access to the rage room. Smashables are an additional purchase outside of the Membership. Other exclusions to the membership are the arcade and food and beverage, these are not included. Both Memberships are redeemable when High Caliber is open, permitting private events, employee appreciation days, holidays, and weather closures do not close the facility.

In addition to the Membership at High Caliber, Daily Deals have also debuted:

  • MONDAY: Purchase an All Access Pass for $75 and get UNLIMITED RACING all day.
  • TUESDAY: Purchase a Rage Room Session & Unlimited Axe Throwing for 2 for $90 AND a free TV to smash.
  • WEDNESDAY: Unlimited Racing for $60.
  • THURSDAY: Date Night Combo includes 2 All Access Passes for 2 guests with a single large pizza for just $150.
  • SUNDAY: The “Family Combo” Purchase a Family Package for $75. A single Go Kart Race for 3 guests and a Single Topping Pizza. Add additional guests at $20 per person for races.
  • SUNDAY(x2): 1 Hour Arcade Play Cards for $25. This does exclude redemption for prizes though.

High Caliber Karting & Entertainment is proud to be Lansing’s first entertainment park offering a membership program that lets both individuals and families come out and have fun regularly, while Daily Deals are the perfect substitution for those looking for one-off fun at a discount.