Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, acclaimed as one of the world’s premier botanic and sculpture experiences, is not only a cultural and educational treasure but also a powerhouse driving economic prosperity in the State. A groundbreaking Economic Impact Report by Grand Valley State University showcases the Gardens' monumental influence, revealing a total annual economic impact of $138 million, supporting 1,167 jobs, and contributing $77.6 million to Kent County’s gross domestic product.   The comprehensive report, led by Christian Glupker, clinical affiliate professor of economics, and Paul Isely, associate dean of the Seidman College of Business and professor of economics, underscores the Gardens' dual role as a cultural cornerstone and a significant contributor to the economic vitality of the region. Meijer Gardens attracts approximately 755,000 visitors annually, with 62% coming from outside the local area. Notably, 50% of these nonlocal visitors are first-timers, demonstrating the Gardens' growing regional and global appeal.   View and download the entire Economic Impact Report HERE.   Key Highlights:   Robust Economic Contribution: Meijer Gardens’ annual economic impact of $138 million and support for 1,167 jobs solidify its status as a key economic engine for West Michigan and the State.   Tax Revenue Generation: Through visitor spending, operational outlays, and capital investments, Meijer Gardens contributes $353,115 annually in tax revenue for Kent County.   Visitor Demographics and Spending: Attracting a diverse and affluent audience, Meijer Gardens sees 40% of visitors reporting household incomes exceeding $125,000, reinforcing its broad appeal.   Educational Background: With 37% holding a four-year degree and 40% possessing graduate degrees, Meijer Gardens draws a highly educated demographic, enhancing its cultural and educational significance.   Primary Visitors' Impact: A substantial 36% guests cited Meijer Gardens as their primary reason for visiting Kent County, generating $20.9 million in direct spending and supporting 268 jobs.   Organizational Spending: Meijer Gardens’ operational spending adds $35.7 million in economic impact and supports over 300 jobs, further contributing to the local economy.   Capital Investment Influence: Over the past three years, Meijer Gardens' capital investments have averaged an annual economic impact of $12.1 million, sustaining 80 jobs and driving ongoing growth.   These findings underscore Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park's role as a cultural and educational cornerstone and as a significant contributor to the economic vitality of Kent County. The report speaks to the institution’s dual role in enriching lives and bolstering the local economy.   Charles Burke, President & CEO of Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, commented, “This Economic Impact Report, compiled by our partners at Grand Valley State University, highlights the substantial influence of Meijer Gardens in the region. It is a testament to how art, culture, and nature can harmoniously drive economic growth and prosperity in West Michigan and beyond.”   View and download the entire Economic Impact Report HERE.