Zeeland Flower Shop Helping to Spread Kindness

On Friday October 30, Don’s Flowers & Gifts of Zeeland will be giving away 3,500 Roses FREE in honor of their 70th year in business and to help the community bond together during these difficult times.

Don’s Flowers wants to help spread kindness in the area by giving away six roses to the first 500 people who visit on October 30th. In return, they ask that each person keep one rose for themselves and give the remaining five away to five other friends, neighbors, or family members.

A similar event was held many years ago to promote friendships, relationships, and goodwill, at that time called “Good Neighbor Day”. This year the team at Don’s Flowers & Gifts want to bring back the joy and happiness that this event brought to the community.

“This has been a tough year for everyone. Flowers are not essential, but they sure are emotional. The process of giving and receiving flowers has been scientifically proven to create positive emotions for all. Let us bring back kindness and goodwill in our community.” said Douglas J. Vos, President of Don’s Flowers & Gifts.