20th Anniversary Exhibitions Celebrate Growth, Nature & Collaboration

The first exhibition of the 20th Anniversary year at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts (SCA) opens January 21, on display through June 3. This three-layer exhibition focuses on GROWTH – both mentally and physically.

The main gallery will take its cues from nature, featuring West Michigan-based weaver Rachel Hefferan whose exhibition here within. | woven worlds highlights the elegant connections between art and science. Rachel’s work explores the unseen and often hidden perspective of microscopic organisms through the art of weaving. Viewers will be invited to explore their own rootedness and connection to nature through the lens of fermentation, fungi, and the fundamental components that make up our world.

Step back from the microscope and immerse yourself in a hands-on gardening experience with our Lettuce Grow Farmstands that are growing throughout the SCA all year long. These vertical gardens will help nourish our community from the ground up. Founded by actress Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik, Lettuce Grow Farmstands (made with recycled ocean plastics) aim to create a more sustainable alternative for growing fresh, clean, and unprocessed food options.

Throughout the course of the year, the SCA will collaborate with local chefs who will utilize the food grown in our Farmstands to create edible art – or guests can come to the SCA and harvest some greens themselves! Lettuce Grow Farmstands will be managed and cared for by Horticultural Enthusiast and 2022 Artist in Residency, Scotty Jacobs of Specialty Gardens.

Scotty will be offering workshops, garden tours, and even his own expression of Garden Meditations, which will be on display as the Corridor Exhibition through June 3. Similar to a piece of artwork, the art of gardening unearths ideas, reflections and connections that slowly reveal themselves through time spent tending and cultivating growth. Garden Meditations helps us dig deeper and draw parallels between the tools designed to propel garden growth and how they can be applied to personal growth.

In the spirit of creating community and collaborative relationships, the SCA has linked these artists together to create inspirational programming for all ages. Throughout 2022, there will be many opportunities to get hands-on with artists including a tasting textiles workshop on February 17 in partnership with Virtue Cider, a FREE live-weaving experience on March 25, a container garden workshop on April 21, an indigo dyeing workshop on May 19, and more coming this summer! Information and tickets for all events are available now on