Short’s Brewing Co. Announces 2021 Q2 Specialty Releases

The beers keep coming from Northern Michigan’s own Short’s Brewing Company. Unmatched for their volume of product releases—Short’s puts out a new Specialty product every two weeks—in addition to a rotating line of seasonals, and six year-round flagship brands including their best-selling lager, Local’s Light. After a crazy 2020 complete with supply chain issues and consumers drinking more than they could make, the brand is fully stocked and ready to greet summer demand with a full quarter of Specialties that aim to tickle the taste buds of just about everyone.

“We are so excited for spring this year—we really tried to keep this line up light and fresh—flavors that feel really optimistic to us! We’d planned to release a couple of these beers last fall (Tiramisu Blonde and Big Bird Blood) and had to put them on hold to meet production demands.” Kerry Cochran, Sales Manager and shower-beer aficionado stated.

Their release schedule this quarter really has something for everyone; IPAs, Gose, Shandy, and an Experimental Blonde Ale with no shortage of additions—banana, coconut, coffee, cocoa, peppercorn, and rosemary to name a few.

“Most of these beers started as small, Pub-only releases. Going all the way back to Nicie, one of Joe Short’s OG Willy Wonka brews. Our Specialty program represents some of our more creative concoctions and really shows off the talent we have on the brew team.” Chief Innovation Officer, Tony Hansen stated.

Expect to see a new Specialty in the market every two weeks—and don’t hesitate to stock up on your favorites or order that draft pint—once these are gone, there’s a good chance you might see it again for a few years.

Treefer Madness—India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.8% – IBU: 85
Distribution: CO, IN, IL, MI, OH, WI, FL
Treefer Madness is an American IPA first brewed in celebration of one of our favorite beer bars 4/20 party. Dank aromas of pine, grapefruit, guava, and floral notes blend with a bready backbone. Slightly hazy and orange in color, this beer has a prominent white head. The flavors mirror the aroma with dank pine notes complemented by juicy citrus. Well balanced and medium bodied, Treefer Madness finishes dry.

Ocho de Mayo—Experimental Gose
ABV: 5.0% – IBU: 10
Distribution: Michigan
Ocho de Mayo is a light and refreshing Gose Ale with delicate citrus and prominent wheat aromatics. Initial flavors of big tangy lemon and lime, combine with subtle tastes of blue agave and a lip licking saltiness to create the sensation of drinking a cool, carbonated margarita. An ample dry finish encourages the need to sample again and repeat.

Big Bird Blood—Milkshake IPA with lactose, vanilla, banana, and coconut
ABV: 7.1% – IBU: 34
Distribution: Michigan
Big Bird Blood is a Milkshake IPA brewed with lactose, banana, coconut flavor, and vanilla. This golden brew has tropical aromas of coconut, banana, and citrus. Medium-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel, the coconut and banana flavors are complemented by the tropical flavors from the Motueka and Sabro hops. Big Bird Blood finishes slightly dry, feathers not included.

Power of Love—Pink Shandy with Rosemary and Raspberry
ABV: 2.50% – IBU: 20
Distribution: Michigan
Power of Love is a truly unique pink-colored shandy created by blending local lemonade and a Wheat Ale brewed with raspberry and rosemary. Enticing sugary aromas intermix with appealing citrus and herb fragrances. Very sweet lemon flavors give way to a shock of tart raspberry before turning sharply dry, as if eating a piece of grapefruit.

Sabrotage!—India Pale Ale with Sabro Hops
ABV: 7.4% – IBU: 31
Distribution: CO, IN, IL, MI, OH, WI, FL
Short’s harnessed all the complex flavor of the one-and-only Sabro for an IPA that’s bright, tropical, and citrusy while being delightfully bitter with hints of herbaceousness. Sabrotage! is a Sabro dry-hopped American India Pale Ale. This tropical, refreshing beer is the ultimate post-work shifty brew that packs in a whole lot of flavor and a big, Sabro-hop punch.

Nicie—American Pale Wheat Ale
ABV: 5.2% – IBU: 52
Nicie is an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander, and a hint of peppercorn. Orange-gold in color and light in body, Nicie is infused with the scents and flavors of fresh citrus. The subtle taste of coriander and spice of peppercorn makes this ale both refreshing and complex. Nicie is the perfect accompaniment to a summer day.

Tiramisu Blonde—Experimental Blonde Ale with lactose, cocoa nibs, and coffee
ABV: 5.0% – IBU: 15
Distribution: Michigan
Tiramisu Blonde is an Experimental Blonde Ale brewed with lactose, cocoa nibs, and coffee. The ale is a hazy, light brown, and pours with a small white head. Scents of fresh coffee and chocolate meet initial flavors of roasted coffee and velvety chocolate. The lactose in this brew gives this beer with a creamy mouth feel. The finish is smooth and slightly sweet. Skip dessert for this beaut, and give your Italian granny a run for her money.

Blackberry Galaxy—Blackberry IPA
ABV: 5.9% – IBU: 62
Distribution: CO, IN, IL, MI, OH, WI, FL
Dank pine and citrus mixed with berry make up the aroma. Brewed with Galaxy El Dorado, Ekuanot (Equinox), and Palisade hops, Blackberry Galaxy IPA has hints of tropical fruit, pine, and citrus mixed with tart blackberry flavors. Medium bodied and well balanced, it finishes dry with a touch of bitterness.

Look for packaged products in the Great Lakes region with draft products available across our distribution footprint. And in the meantime remember, Life is Short’s, drink it while you’re here.

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About Short’s Brewing Company
Located in the heart of Downtown Bellaire, MI, Short’s Brewing Co. was established in 2004 by Joe Short. In 2009, Short’s began keg and bottle distribution in Michigan via their Elk Rapids Production Facility. The brewery is known widely for their flagship and experimental brews including Soft Parade, Local’s Light, and Huma Lupa Licious. Short’s prides themselves on producing fearlessly creative beers, handmade by people who care in Northern Michigan.

Short’s Brewing Co also has a passion for beverage innovation and created Starcut Ciders in 2014 and Beaches Hard Seltzer in 2019. Both brands push the boundaries of ingredients and fermentation innovation to create unique, premium beverages.