Michigan Golf Live’s GOLF SHOW ON THE ROAD Features Gaylord Golf Mecca

Starting on February 1, Bill Hobson of Michigan Golf Live is presenting the Golf Show on the Road with Michigan Golf Live, which features each of the Gaylord Golf Mecca members.

“I know golfers are already thinking about warm weather and green grass. They look forward to the West Michigan and Novi Golf Shows and since both shows were canceled this year, I wanted to do something special that would still provide the great show specials for those golfers wanting to make summer plans. This virtual series allows us to talk about the state’s great golf destinations, make use of the beautiful scenes we’ve captured over the years, and celebrate the greatness of golf in this state,” Bill said in describing his creation.

The Michigan Golf Live “Show On The Road” series prominently features the 9 properties of the Gaylord Golf Mecca group, which represents 17 total golf courses. That includes the courses at Indian River Golf Club, Michaywe’ The Pines, Otsego Resort, Lakes of the North, Black Lake Golf Club, Garland Resort, Treetops Resort, The Natural and Gaylord Golf Club.

“We may not be able to all get together at golf shows in the Midwest this year, so this is our way to bring the golf courses and specials to the same enthusiastic audience that can’t wait to play again,” Bill said. “We’ve enjoyed a wonderful partnership with the Mecca courses over the years and are so excited to see the reactions of the golf public to the amazing special offers they’re presenting in the series.”

The shows include a Q & A session, beautiful scenery, a showcase of the many Mecca amenities and the golf show specials at each property. Those seeking the specials are being asked to contact the courses of the Mecca directly to book the special prices by March 31.

It’s easy to see the Michigan Golf Live Golf Show on the Road stops in the Mecca and learn about the courses and their Show Specials. Just visit, then the tiles for the golf courses of your interest.