Zeeland BPW launches annual Holiday Power Dollars

For almost 30 years, the Zeeland Board of Public Works has provided a Holiday Power Dollars program which treats Zeeland households to a $15 reward to be spent, each year, at local, participating businesses. To earn Holiday Power Dollars, residential electric customers, simply decorate the exterior of their home or yard with holiday lights or Zeeland’s infamous Yard Cards. This annual gift not only benefits local residents and displays Zeeland’s festive neighborhoods, but also benefits the participating businesses who accept the certificates. The ZBPW reimburses participating merchants 100% of the face value of each certificate. To date, the Holiday Power Dollar program has infused almost $650,000 into the local Zeeland economy.

Past cycles of Power Dollars have included physical certificates and relied on in-person transactions for customers to claim the certificates from the Zeeland BPW Office. New cycles of Power Dollars will now be digital and touch-free. For health and safety reasons, in an effort to limit foot traffic at the BPW Customer Service Counter, rather than visiting in-person to obtain Holiday Power Dollars this season, the ZBPW staff has created three simple and safe ways for electric residential customers to claim their Holiday Power Dollars this season, while maintaining a touchless system. Zeeland BPW respectfully requests that customers consider one of these options:

For residential electric customers with access to an email address:
1. Visit WWW.ZEELANDBPW.COM/POWERDOLLARS, fill out the required information and a confirmation email containing your digital Holiday Power Dollars will be sent to you immediately. (Note: customer name and account number will be needed. This information can be found on top of your utility bill.)

For residential electric customers without access to an email address:
2. Ask a family member or trusted friend who has access to email to secure and print out hard copies of your Holiday Power Dollars. (You will need to provide your name as it appears on your utility bill and your account number.)
3. Call the Zeeland BPW office M-F, 7AM to 5PM at 616-772-6212 and they will make arrangements to mail your Holiday Power Dollars to you.
Power Dollars will be delivered, via email or snail mail in a group of three unique $5 certificates; totaling $15 per household. Certificates will be issued to one person per household. All Power Dollars will have a QR code and a unique alpha numeric six-digit code. Customers receiving digital Power Dollars can print the certificates or simply
save them to a smartphone; participating merchants will scan the QR code to redeem the certificate.

Previously, single certificates were issued with a value of $15 each. By issuing each customer three $5 certificates it will reduce the occasion that a merchant will need to give cash back – yielding more of each certificate spent in local businesses. Just like the former Power Dollars program, Zeeland BPW will reimburse participating merchants 100% of each certificate value! Zeeland BPW maintains a list of participating merchants who accept Powers Dollars on their website WWW.ZEELANDBPW.COM/POWERDOLLARS.

The annual Holiday Power Dollars program will return, on schedule, November 30 – December 12, 2020. Holiday Power Dollars will expire January 31, 2021.
This past summer, in light of the current pandemic, the Zeeland Board of Public Works issued a bonus round of Economic Advantage Power Dollars. This one-time program was created as a tool to stimulate the local economy during this difficult time. The window to claim this bonus round of Power Dollars is now closed, however, there are
still many Economic Advantage Power Dollars in circulation. These unique certificates will also expire on January 31, 2021.