Celebrate a Month of Gratitude with the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce!

The White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors celebrate a ‘Month of Gratitude’ throughout the month of November. This initiative is a way to show the Chamber’s appreciation to the business community by sharing words of admiration and thanking members for what they have done to serve the Montague and Whitehall community during COVID -19.

Typically, in the fall, the White Lake Area Chamber recognizes an outstanding male with the El Award, a female with the Lady Laker Award, along with awarding an Entrepreneur of the Year Award and a Legacy Award.

Because this year’s awards ceremony will not take place, The Chamber, along with the Board and staff have decided to express and share their appreciation of the White Lake Area community by filming and sharing thank you messages to create a Month of Gratitude campaign. At heart, the ENTIRE COMMUNITY is the Chamber’s Lady Laker and El Award recipients this year. These videos will be posted on the White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page throughout November. Those on social media are encouraged to like and share!

“It was far from business as usual anywhere and we realize it was a challenge to determine what changes needed to be implemented and then to make additional changes and adaptations as necessary,” states Amy VanLoon, Executive Director. “Since the shut down in March, businesses were forced to shift their day-to-day operations. 2020 has not been easy and COVID-19 has posed new and previously unimagined challenges. But within every challenge can be an opportunity.”

She continues, “So many businesses are finding innovative ways to serve our community and this is what makes Montague and Whitehall so unique and so special. Entrepreneurs, along with our small to mid-sized to larger sized businesses, are all a vital part of White Lake’s economy and we are proud to celebrate their growth and acknowledge how resilient they are.”

The Chamber is working with William Mann to produce the series of video clips and appreciates the time spent filming and editing the messages. Thank you to Consumers Energy for being the Month of Gratitude Sponsor.

VanLoon concludes, “Please join us as we celebrate our amazing businesses and spread some good cheer in addition to expressing our gratitude to the business community.”