The Livery presents: The 6th Annual “Funk Fest”

The Livery presents our 6th Annual Funk Fest – a celebration of wild & sour ales – on October 20th to 25th, 2020. The week will have specialty beer tappings, specialty firkins, a bottle release, and some funky food.

The Livery will be taking the entire week to celebrate their wild/funky/sours brews in lieu of the typical weekend blowout. There is something special lined up for each day starting Tuesday, October 20th and ending on Sunday, October 25th.

So make plans to stop by and get your funk on!

Tuesday: “Verchuosity 2020” tapping (Sour/Oak Aged Belgian Amber with Cherries) (+ “Mueuze”, “Maillot Noir”, “Black Lily” hit the beer board)

Wednesday: “Sour Sop Spontaneous Combustion” tapping (Sour/Oak Aged Dark Wheat with Sour Sop addition)

Thursday: “Golden Caruba” tapping (Sour/Oak Aged Golden Ale with Caruba addition)

Friday: Firkin #1: “Blackberry Rhubarb Spontaneous Combustion” (1pm), Firkin #2: “McGilligans with Passionfruit, Orange, Guava” (5:15pm)

Saturday: Firkin: “Mango Verchuosity” (Sat 1pm), Bottle Release: “Mueuze” (3-year blend of Maillot Jaune (Biere de Garde))

Sunday: Buy Any 16-inch Pizza and receive $1 off 5oz, $2 off 10oz, and $3 off prowler fills of any “Funk Fest ‘ specialty sour pour.