Announcing Eastern Kille Barrel Proof Single Barrel Program

Eastern Kille is excited to announce the first selection in the Barrel Strength Single Barrel Program. This program was created to highlight individual barrels they come across throughout the maturation stage that are believed to be too uniquely delicious to use in one of their batch blends. To keep the integrity of the flavor, the distillers do not proof these barrels down and use a non-chill filtration process. The result is a full bodied, barrel strength experience.

For this first barrel selection, Eastern Kille brought in 5 local bourbon enthusiasts (all members of the Westside Bourbon Connection and whose palates are trusted immensely) to help taste through many barrels in hopes of finding one worthy of the inaugural release. When the barrel was tasted, they knew it was special. Coming in at 127.5 proof (63.8% ABV), this bourbon has plenty to offer in flavor, with a relatively long finish and a nice Michigan hug on the way down. This barrel only yielded 191 bottles, you can buy yours today and pick up at your convenience. Bottles will be made available to the general public in the Eastern Kille tasting room on 10/15.


NOSE: the nose is relatively subtle but gives off pleasant hints of pine and burnt orange. You can tell it is 63.8% alcohol, as a warm ethanol wave bullies its way into the picture as well

PALATE: A burst of green apple acidity paired with cinnamon and cocoa, a bit reminiscent of a caramel apple, but without much of the sweetness. Very unique and equally enjoyable

FINISH: the green apple transitions into spice and tannin for a relatively dry, oaky finish that introduces a bit of honey sweetness at it lingers