Holland Civic Center Place Ready to Host/Book Events Again

Governor Whitmer announced that a new Executive Order (2020-183: Safe Start) would commence on Friday, October 9, 2020 at 12:01am. This new order will allow meeting and event facilities to re-open and allow for more guests at both inside and outside gatherings.

With over 50,000 square feet of space at the Holland Civic Center Place (HCCP), and offers a great option to host any future banquets, meetings, holiday parties, or other events for indoor gatherings.  “We are excited to be able to host events again, and look forward to working with our clients, both former and new, to be able to provide a location for them to gather.  It may look a bit different, but this is a great boost to our community.”, said Chris Hart, Executive Director.

The Holland Civic Center Place welcomes all meeting and event planners to reach out with any opportunities they are looking to find a home for.  We have a variety of rooms that can accommodate, under the new order, anywhere from 80 to 175 guests for board meetings, banquet events, educational sessions, and more.  This new order will also allow the HCCP to host sporting events, live entertainment, and larger outdoor gatherings with limited amounts of attendees.  There will still be protocols put in place to practice safe social distancing, masks will be required (seated meal exemptions), and other guidelines to help protect those in attendance.

To get the ball rolling and incentivize planners, the HCCP is now offering special 2-hour rental rates that will hopefully meet a demand for some smaller meetings and events that may not need our standard 6-hour or 12-hour block of time (See attached-new rental rate sheet).  The venue will still be able to provide food and beverage service to our guests through our in-house kitchen.

If interested in booking an event, please email the venue at or call 616-928-2000 for more information.