The Ramsdell Theatre Performs to the Nation!

Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts is thrilled to announce an outstanding opportunity that will bring praise to the Ramsdell Theatre and Manistee.

On Sunday, October 18, the Boston Brass will perform live from the Ramsdell Theatre stage, and broadcast the performance to a national audience. Tickets to the event will go on sale on September 21 and will be available to the first 125 patrons who claim them. The live stream link will be free, and donations to the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts are welcome to continue supporting the historic Ramsdell Theatre. To view a listing of national partners, and to learn more about the Boston Brass and their program, please visit the website at

Ramsdell Theatre is grateful to West Shore Community College for supporting the Ramsdell’s presentation of these outstanding musicians.

The Boston Brass performs some of the finest chamber in concert halls all over the world. This group has over 35 years in the touring business, multiple albums, and normally performs over 100 concerts a year.

Join in for this special day and celebrate fine music at the Ramsdell Theatre.