Bell’s Best Brown has a brand new look for 2020; other Bell’s fall favorites begin to arrive

Fall is almost here. With the changing of the seasons, craft beer fans will see the return of Bell’s signature stouts and other fall offerings, along with a new look for a fall favorite.

Bell’s fall seasonal, Best Brown, will have a brand new look when it arrives on store shelves and in coolers over the next couple of weeks.

“It’s a mix of the old and the new. It hearkens back to our original labels while paying homage to the heritage of the brand, a modernized nod to the history of Best Brown,” Larry Bell, president and founder of Bell’s Brewery said.

Best Brown (5.8% Alc. by vol.) is a smooth, toasty beer that offers hints of cocoa and caramel. Brewed with American hops, Best Brown is incredibly balanced and bridges the gap between lighter-bodied beers and malty stouts.

Best Brown was first released in 1988 packaged in 22 oz. bottles. It featured a plain type label and then a winter pine cone. The owl first appeared in 1993 and has been on the label ever sense, represented in different styles throughout the years.

Best Brown is available in 12 oz. bottles (6-packs and 12-packs), 16 oz. cans (4-packs), 12 oz. cans (6-packs and 12-packs) and on draft.

Cooler, fall months will also welcome back other seasonal favorites from Bell’s (shipping and availability subject to change):

  • Bell’s Octoberfest: already available at many locations including Bell’s General Store.
  • Special Double Cream Stout: shipping now
  • Expedition Stout: begins shipping at the end of August along with a special edition version celebrating Bell’s 35th Anniversary (very limited).
  • Third Coast Old Ale: shipping in mid-September
  • Sideyard: a limited, specialty release shipping at the end of September.
  • Cherry Stout: mid-October

Use the Bell’s Beer Finder to locate Best Brown and other Bell’s beers near you or reach out to your local craft beer retailer for more information.

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