John Ball Zoo Hosting Animal Baby Shower on August 18th

John Ball Zoo is in the midst of a baby boom. The Zoo has welcomed a number of babies in the past six months and they are giving the opportunity for guests and the community to join them in the celebration through a baby shower.

John Ball Zoo has welcomed births with the red pandas, along with the Canada lynx, tenrec, Anthony’s poison arrow frog, cotton-top tamarin, Goeldi’s monkey, and the sixbanded armadillo.

A special “Baby Shower” day is planned for Zoo guests on Tuesday, August 18th from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. There are a number of ways for guests to have fun while making an impact during their visit. Guests can visit all corners of John Ball Zoo to play Baby Shower BINGO. They will receive a BINGO card upon entering the Zoo, can play along during their visit, and when they get a BINGO can redeem their BINGO card at any of  the Zoo’s food and beverage or gift shop locations for 15% off their purchase on August 18th.

Along with BINGO, guests can listen and learn from John Ball Zoo education and animal care staff throughout the day about the growing families at the Zoo, along with what it costs to care for these families’ at the Zoo. Also, $1 of every souvenir cup purchased by guests on August 18th at the Zoo’s food and beverage locations will support the animals’ care and conservation.

John Ball Zoo also has fun ways online for the community to participate in the baby shower. As with many baby showers, the Zoo has created Amazon Wish-lists as a “gift registry” for each species who have recently given birth. They also have an online donation form for financial donations.

At AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums like John Ball Zoo, every birth is a cause for celebration. AZA’s Species Survival Plan (SSP)® Programs oversee population management, including breeding recommendations, to ensure the sustainability of healthy, genetically diverse animal populations within AZA facilities. These baby animals are not only exciting – and adorable – new additions, many also represent hope for the future survival of their species.

Details on the John Ball Zoo’s Baby Shower on Tuesday, August 18th, along with links to the baby registries and how to make a financial donation is available by visiting the Zoo’s website at For those planning to be an in-person guest to the Baby Shower, they can reserve their admission ticket online at

About John Ball Zoo
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