Gilmore Piano Labs Go Virtual

Gilmore Piano Students Learn Online; Practice At Home

When schools were closed earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Piano Labs were cancelled. Now, after some very creative thinking and fast action by a team of Gilmore staff, volunteer piano teachers, and helpful folks from Casio and Sweetwater Sound, Piano Lab students are taking lessons from home.

“Students were really disappointed to miss their weekly Piano Lab sessions,” explained Adam Schumaker, Director of Education. “Most of them don’t have pianos at home, so they can’t practice or continue their studies on their own. It became really important for us to find a solution.”

The education department was able to keep nearly 100 students connected to their studies and their instructors. The staff dealt with choosing the best video conferencing software that would work across all of the brands and versions of phones, tablets, and computers used by students and teachers; providing tech support to get everyone up and running; and making sure every student had their own piano and access to their piano music.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, students have been given a new level of access to learning and making music in their own homes.