A New Day for Whitsun

Fans of Arcadia Brewing Company’s flagship wheat ale Whitsun will be pleasantly surprised on their trip to the beer aisle this week.

It’s a new day for Whitsun. Revived by Superfluid Supply Co, a division of Short’s Brewing Company, Whitsun returns to store shelves for year-round distribution in Michigan. And while the packaging got a refresh, the recipe was developed to be as close to the original Whitsun as possible.

“We had some of the original Whitsun team up to taste the product and got great input to help us recreate the recipe.” Stated Tony Hansen, Chief Innovation Officer for Short’s. “They were really happy to be drinking Whitsun again, and I’m sure that fans will feel the same!”

Whitsun is currently making its way onto store shelves and on tap this week across the state of Michigan.