Vacancy on Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission

The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission lost one of its best advocates in June after a brief fight with cancer. David VanGinhoven gave much of himself for the betterment of the communities of Ottawa County. The Parks Commission and the Parks Foundation are fortunate to be two of many organizations to which David donated his time, talents, and leadership. His passing has created a public vacancy for the duration of his term on the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Any interested residents of Ottawa County may apply for the Parks and Recreation Commission through the County’s website. Applications are open until July 31, 2020. The Board of Commissioners will review and appoint a Commissioner to complete David’s term, which expires December 31, 2020.

The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission was established in 1987 by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners pursuant to Act 261 of the Public Acts of 1965. Membership of the 10-member Commission, by statute, includes:

  • A representative of the Board of Road Commissioners
  • The Water Resources Commissioner
  • A representative of the County Planning Commission
  • Seven members appointed by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, not more than three of whom are members of the Board

The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission is a policy-making body that operates under the general control of the Board of Commissioners.

Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission expressed goal for the park system is to provide the highest quality natural resource based recreational experience possible through creative park design, high quality interpretive programs, and by implementing high standards for parks maintenance, facility construction, and security. This goal has been pursued through the diligent efforts of park staff in all aspects of park planning, administration, educational programming and park maintenance and operations.