HEAL THE ZEEL button board debuts downtown Zeeland

Downtown Zeeland announces the installation of a public art initiative to broaden the City’s recent: HEAL THE ZEEL campaign. This interactive exhibit, located on the corner of Main Avenue and Elm Street, takes the shape of a wall made up of red and white campaign-style buttons. Half of the buttons promote the message HEAL THE ZEEL and the other half proudly display a red heart with the City’s signature Z! in the center. Passersby are invited to select one or multiple buttons that reflect their commitment to HEAL THE ZEEL.

Feel the Zeel, the City of Zeeland’s tagline, has been out on loan during this season of Covid19. Feel the Zeel has temporarily become HEAL THE ZEEL as the City aims to offer encouragement and motivation to the community during this pandemic. The button board exhibit invites you to “wear a button to show your support for the Zeeland community as we work together to rebuild.” To do that, HEAL THE ZEEL button supporters are asked to:

Be Generous: shop, dine and do business locally – now, more than ever!
Be Safe: do your part to wash, sanitize and maintain social distancing, as recommended.
Be Kind: care for friends, neighbors and community members.
Be Patient: respect that others may have different levels of comfort for re-entry.

HEAL THE ZEEL offers as much enthusiasm and charisma as its original counterpart, but with more sensitivity and encouragement during this season. Community members and businesses have found comfort in participating in the campaign, through iconic red Z! hearts in the windows of businesses, homes and cars to walking Main Street to view the HEAL THE ZEEL light pole banners, as well as branded HEAL THE ZEEL face masks that are available for purchase on the City’s website. “As we see activity and energy return with each new phase of Michigan’s Safe Start Plan, we see the HEAL THE ZEEL campaign continue to deepen.

Originally the intent of the new tagline was to support and care for each other while we were in the thick of the Stay at Home Order. Now, it’s equally as important to support and care for one another, and our local businesses, as we begin to return to our normal routines,” explained City Marketing Director, Abby deRoo.

The button board exhibit may look familiar to some. In 2018, the City launched its original button board exhibit which encouraged people to THINK THE ZEEL. Challenging people to express how they make a conscious effort to turn their love for Zeeland into intentional actions:
Shop local, Eat local, Drink local, Run local, Give local, Read local, Pray local, Walk local, Bike local, Play local, Be local: THINK local.

The City of Zeeland defines ZEEL as:
1. Abundant enthusiasm that is unique to those living in Zeeland.
2. A passionate and spirited pursuit to be part of a big small town full of every day good living and unmatched enterprise.

The HEAL THE ZEEL button board is a temporary exhibit that can be found downtown Zeeland on the corner of Main Avenue and Elm Street. To view a short video of the button board, visit #HealTheZeel