Stories in the Sky Virtual Program with Hackley Public Library & the Kalamazoo Air Zoo

Stories in the Sky, a virtual program with Hackley Public Library & the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, will be held Monday, June 15th, at 2:00 pm.

Before the internet, before television, before even radio, people entertained each other with stories. From the Ancient Greeks and Indigenous people, to Americans escaping slavery on the Underground Railroad, people used the stars to navigate and to tell stories. They made pictures out of the shapes in the night sky that we call constellations today. Join Hackley Library and Air Zoo to virtually learn about some of these stories and view the constellations that are the same today as they were from long ago. Then, come up with your own stories for familiar star groupings,
make a constellation telescope to view the stars, and communicate secret messages as in Follow the Drinking Gourd!

Follow the Facebook event or page for any upcoming details on ‘Stories in the Sky’ or to sign up to enjoy this free, all ages program from the comfort of your own home.