Lemon Creek Winery offers a CSA, wine club and ‘Wine of the Week’ amid Covid shutdown

As the whole world shifted over the last few months, Lemon Creek Winery as well as
many other small local businesses, were put to the test to figure out how to take what was once a personal
experience and make it virtually accessible. “For us, it was the final push we needed to launch an online
storefront and release the new wine club we have been dreaming of for the last few years.” Says Kait Lemon,
tasting room manager. “We wanted to figure out how we could continue to offer tasting notes, suggest food
pairings, and get wines in people’s hands as conveniently as possible.”
The brainstorming led to a variety of new initiatives. The first, a new wine club. The Lemon Creek wine club
offers three different club options. “Something for everyone” is the goal. The first option is a sweet club; the
Sauterne Club, named after Lemon Creek’s most popular sweet wine, the Silver Beach Sauterne. This was
created for those who love sweet wine. The other two options are dry wine clubs. The Varietal Club and the
Reserve Club. The Varietal Club offers selections of dry white, red and rosé wines, including some semi-dry
wines as well. The Reserve Club is for those who love the older vintages, big oak aged reds and small batch
high-end wines. All three of the clubs ship 4 bottles of wine, three times a year. There is no sign up fee, and
perks include exclusive access to new and small batch wines and discounts on shipping and wine purchases.
You can find more information and sign up at
The next large initiative is a Community Supported Agriculture box (CSA), stemming from the farming side of
Lemon Creek. “We are going into our 165 th year as a family run farm,” says Kait Lemon, “we wanted to be able
to continue to provide Lemon Creek fruits and local vegetables, whether we are able to have a farm market or
u-pick operation this year. So we decided to start a wine and produce based CSA for 2020. Unlike traditional
CSA boxes, where folks pay for a membership upfront, we are setting ours up more like a farm market based
wine club, where you commit to a certain number of boxes and pay for each one at a time.” This means people
will be able to enjoy produce, wine and other local gourmet goods boxed and ready for pick-up.  CSA boxes
will be available on either a bi-weekly or monthly schedule and the boxes are entirely customizable and
customers can decide how much produce they want, what style wines and if they want to add additional local
gourmet items such as baguettes, cheese, sausage, honey or other traditional farmers market goods. Kait also
said, “We want to make this a personal experience for the customer as well as have the opportunity to support
other local businesses.” People can sign up by downloading the CSA sign-up form off the website and
submitting it to
For those who aren’t ready to commit to a wine club or a CSA, Lemon Creek is also offering online discounts
and social media information. For the month of May, in celebration of Michigan Wine Month, they are offering
25% off their preselected 4-Pack wine bundles. Additionally, each week through the end of the year, they will
be highlighting one of their estate wines, including discounts, tasting notes, suggested food pairings and
recipes as the ‘Wine of the Week’. “We want to be able to give people the chance to explore the depth of our
wine list the same way they would if they were able to frequent the tasting room.” All of the wine specials are
available online for either their Saturday curbside pick-up or for shipping to select states. For those who prefer
the old fashion way, they are also taking orders over the phone at 269.363.2317.
On the horizon? Lemon Creek is looking to add shipping to the state of Indiana by the end of the month, as
well as launching a virtual tasting platform featuring members of the Lemon Creek staff, the winemaker Jeff
Lemon, along with collaboration with other local wineries. You can find out more information about all of these
new offerings, as well as the online storefront, at