Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail Thanks Area Front Line Workers

It all began with a simple comment, “what can we do to help?” While it is obvious,
it is not always easy to accomplish. So, some brainstorming between St Julian
Winery and the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail and its members took place to get
this project moving forward.

After a hard day on the front line where nurses, aides, doctors and first
responders need to relax a bit when off duty, a glass of wine in hand comes to
mind. “What an amazing opportunity to give back to our communities.  We are
proud to participate in these efforts to recognize the essential workers on the
medical frontlines who are faced with the threat of COVID-19 on a daily basis.”
Nancie Oxley, Vice President and Wine Maker at St Julian Winer.
We wanted to figure out a way to show our appreciation and give back to the
communities that are in the Lake Michigan Shore AVA (American Viticulture

The Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail purchased 65 cases of wine from the member
wineries in a collaborative effort to show our appreciation for those workers on
the front lines. “We hear about the struggles being felt by these dedicated
nurses, doctors, aides, first responders and all who are tirelessly working to help those stricken by this pandemic,” Kathy Sturm, Executive Director of the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail.

St. Julian Winery & Distillery worked to coordinate the efforts of distributing all
the wine and hand sanitizer through the emergency agencies in Allegan, Van
Buren, Kalamazoo and Berrien counties.

Thank you to the following wineries for participating and
for working together to get this wine to those who are so deserving.
12 Corners Vineyards & Winery, Baroda Founders Wine Cellar, Cody Kresta
Vineyard & Winery, Cogdal Vineyard / Home of Little Man Winery, Contessa Wine
Cellars, Domaine Berrien Cellars, Fenn Valley Vineyards & Wine Cellar, Hickory
Creek Winery, Karma Vista Vineyards & Winery, Lake Michigan Vintners, Lawton
Ridge Winery, Lemon Creek Winery, St Julian Winery, White Pine Winery.
The Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail continues to support these artisanal wineries
that are family run and contribute to the Southwest Michigan communities.
Please support them by purchasing wine from them, either online or with
curbside pickup. We all look forward to being able to serve you at the wineries,
when the restrictions are lifted. Stay Safe.