5 Ways To Heal The Zeel

Feel the Zeel, the City of Zeeland’s tagline, is currently out on loan for a different cause. Feel the Zeel has
temporarily become HEAL THE ZEEL as the City aims to offer encouragement and motivation to the
community during this pandemic.

HEAL THE ZEEL offers as much enthusiasm and charisma as its original counterpart, but with more
sensitivity and encouragement during this season. “This is a community wide campaign which
represents encouragement and good faith that we will overcome this. We recognize that different parts
of our community will need to heal from different aspects of this pandemic – health, economy,
education, relationships and more. We will need to support one another through this recovery. We are
hopeful that the HEAL THE ZEEL brand will encourage our community to do just that” explained City
Marketing Director, Abby deRoo. “There is a lot happening right now that we cannot control, but we do
have control over how we respond and how we come together as a community. It is our hope that when
Zeelanders reflect back on this time, although there will be some hard memories around loss, we are
hopeful that there will be good memories as well; warm thoughts about how it felt to be part of the
Zeeland community during this season.”

Here are five ways that the City of Zeeland has been healing the Zeel, recently.

1. Local businesses have installed large Z! heart decals on their storefront windows. The City of
Zeeland released a video on their Facebook page showing
footage of the install process. The video showcases Main Street lined with storefronts
promoting giant Z! hearts. Due to popular demand, residential and vehicle sized decals are
available for purchase from a display outside the Zeeland Record, 16 S. Elm.

2. Zeeland Police officers have been handing out branded kickballs to local kids and families with
the message “Zeeland will bounce back.” These balls were planned to be used as a giveaway at
community events this summer, but as plans for large events are changing, Zeeland took the
opportunity to brighten the day of local families and distribute the balls early.

3. With everyone – even schoolkids – relying on Zoom meetings and social media as a way to
connect right now, the City of Zeeland wanted to created tools that helped Zeelanders feel like
they are still able to visit some of their favorite places. The City has created custom web meeting
backgrounds that can be uploaded to Zoom, or other platforms, and used during virtual
meetings. The variety of backgrounds include individual pictures of all of the Zeeland school
buildings, city parks – including the splash pad, a picture of the downtown streetscape and the
Howard Miller Library. These are available to download from the City’s Facebook page or the City’s website The
City has also created a HEAL THE ZEEL heart shaped frame for Facebook profile pictures.

4. Pedestrians may start to notice HEAL THE ZEEL messages on the sidewalk. Thanks to a custom
stencil and some handy spray chalk, its easy for the City to leave these words of encouragement
on neighborhood sidewalks, downtown and walking routes.

5. Since provisions keep changing, keeping track of which businesses are open and for what types
of services can be a tricky task for customers right now. The City keeps a current list of available
businesses on their website While you’re on the website, go
ahead and download and print yourself some HEAL THE ZEEL coloring pages! Hang them in your
window or attach them to a care package to brighten someone’s day!

The City of Zeeland’s Marketing team continues to hold the spirit of the community as a high priority
during this time of uncertainty. Community members can expect more HEAL THE ZEEL reveals in the
weeks ahead.