Muskegon Museum of Art Selfie Challenge

Calling all selfie snappers! The Muskegon Museum of Art is hosting a “Selfies of the Best Kind” challenge. Complete the challenge and receive a Member + Guest MMA membership!

Every other day in March, we are posting a work of art from our collection on Facebook that we encourage you to replicate at home with a selfie. Check our Facebook page for the artwork of the day, snap your selfie, post it to your wall, and tag the Muskegon Museum of Art. If you complete all seven selfies you’ll win a Member + Guest MMA membership!

Selfie Challenge Dates:
March 19
March 21
March 23
March 25
March 27
March 29
March 31

Selfie Tip: Have someone at home take the photo for you, or place your cell phone camera on a timer. Happy selfie snapping! #picturesofthebestkind #muskegonartmuseum

Albert W. Wein (American, 1915-1991)
Fastball, 1987, bronze
Gift of the Howmet Community Fund of the Muskegon County Community Foundation

Coloring Book: Color our Collection

Download and print coloring book versions of seven images from the Muskegon Museum of Art’s permanent collection. Find information about the artist on page 2 of the pdf files.

John Steuart Curry, Tornado Over Kansas

Edward Hopper, New York Restaurant

Dale Nichols, Footsteps in the Snow

Roger Brown, Painter of a Birds Eye View

Jacob Lawrence, The Builders: The Family

Hughie Lee-Smith, Apres-Midi

Severin Roesen, Tabletop Still Life

Above: Edward Hopper (American, 1882-1967)
New York Restaurant, oil on canvas, c. 1922
Hackley Picture Fund purchase