One-Night Brewing Tour at Lakeshore Museum Center Promises to be ‘Hopping!’

Engrain yourself with knowledge. Cheers! A History of Brewing in Muskegon at the Lakeshore Museum Center (LMC) has been bubbling with a refreshing take on Muskegon’s brewing history and the science of beer. Now, participants can take a deeper look at the exhibit and the craft. Co-founder of Pigeon Hill Brewing Company Michael Brower and Exhibit Project Manager Aaron Mace lead the Cheers! A History of Brewing in Muskegon Exhibit Tour Thursday, January 23rd at 5:30 pm.

“The story of brewing here is so unique and multi-faceted,” said Aaron Mace, Exhibit Project Manager. “We hope our visitors will not only learn about the incredible story of brewing in Muskegon’s past but also appreciate the breweries we have today and how much they contribute to our county.”

Since its opening day in December, Cheers! has offered a full glass of brewing history from the 1860’s onward, fighting through the era of Prohibition and flourishing with the recent revival in 2013.

In this exclusive, one-time tour, visitors can uncap everything in the exhibit with their own personal guides. Mace contributed the majority of the research toward the exhibit’s creation, while Brower donated authentic artifacts from his private collection. The tour will provide a raw background on
these artifacts, the history, and the process of brewing.

“I think the biggest surprise may be how big a part the breweries played in Muskegon’s past. The Muskegon Brewing Company, which existed from 1876 to 1935, was one of the largest breweries in Michigan and had agents and storage facilities all across the state. [They] put Muskegon on the map
and contributed a lot to our community,” said Mace.

Tickets to the exhibit tour can be found on Eventbrite for $5. Members of LMC can receive free tickets by calling 722-0278 or sending an email to To learn more about the guided tour, contact Aaron Mace at​ ​or call (231) 724-5534.