DeHop’s Brewing Co. & Café awarded in World Beer Awards, World Beer Championship, and U.S. Open Beer Championships

DeHop’s Brewing Co. & Café, located in Walker, MI, was recently awarded several international titles for their creative and authentic lagers, making them the premier lagerhaus in Michigan. They have received accolades from the World Beer Awards, World Beer Championship, and U.S. Beer Open Championship.

DeHop’s Schwarzbier German Black Lager was crowned the Best Dark Lager in the United States from the 2019 World Beer Awards. The beer will move forward in the competition, competing against other countries until a winner is crowned later this year.

The lager was also awarded a silver medal in the 2019 World Beer Championship along with other DeHop’s brewery favorites, Brahm’s Best Vienna Style Lager and Maibock.

In July, the Schwarzbier German Black Lager was awarded the silver medal at this year’s U.S. Beer Open Championship, making DeHop’s one of the only lager-winning breweries in Michigan.

In October the Schwarzbier was awarded silver medal at the 23rd annual Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition and DeHop’s Rauchbier Smoked Lager was awarded Gold.

The brewery was also inducted into the Brotherhood for the International Embracement of the Reinheitsgebot (BIER), an exclusive club based out of Munich, Germany. This award goes to brewers who are creating lagers that support the German Purity Law, which limits the ingredients in beer production to its authentic German roots. DeHop’s and head brewer, Eric Plata, pride themselves on creating authentic beers and lagers without the aid of chemicals. All DeHop’s Lagers are brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law.