St. Joseph Today and Holt Bosse Commissions Permanent Mural for State Street Building

Holt Bosse and St. Joseph Today have partnered together to bring a permanent interactive mural to the Holt Bosse building, located in the 100 block of State Street.

St. Joseph Today started the mural project in 2018 the week leading up to Chalk the Block with a permanent mural on the back of the Welcome Center building and continued with a temporary mural installed this past summer on the bluff stairs. Both pieces were commissioned and painted by Houston, Texas based artist Anat Ronen. “They were both well received and we immediately started planning for the next mural,” said Amy Zapal, executive director, St. Joseph Today.

Zapal says this time around they partnered with Minneapolis, MN based artist Shawn McCann. “We were very excited to work with Holt Bosse to continue the mural project in downtown St. Joseph. This latest addition is an interactive piece that engages the community. It’s located in the 100 block of State Street which continues to expand the footprint of downtown.”

St. Joseph Today plans to continue the ongoing mural project in the spring. “We were fortunate enough to sneak in one more mural this fall. Projects will continue in the spring weather permitting.”

Zapal says that the three murals have sparked a lot of interest for future permanent murals. “A handful of private property owners have expressed interest and support for the ongoing mural project. We plan to continue through a variety of partnerships and with the help of local and regional artists.”

Special thanks to the St. Joseph Improvement Association, Mike Pantelleria of Pantelleria Construction Services for their in-kind donation of the lift, Sherwin Williams for their in-kind donation of paint, additional community supporters for their sponsorship and partnership, and community members who helped coordinate resources and host artists.

St. Joseph Today is a 501(c)(3) membership-based organization dedicated to developing and promoting events and businesses in St. Joseph, Mich. and its surrounding communities. For more information about upcoming events, visit, the Welcome Center or call 269-985-1111.