Tibbits’ 40th Annual Auction Results

Tibbits Opera House received a huge financial boost Saturday night, as the Tibbits’ 40th Annual Auction grossed over $64,000 for the historic theatre’s annual operating budget.

Dinners and special experiences highlighted the items up for bid and garnered some very generous donations. High bids for the evening came from three separate dinners donated by Kathy and Rick Merrill, a jet trip, an orthodontic treatment by Dr. Baron Whateley and Coldwater Orthodontics, as well as several unique shopping and travel packages. This year’s Barton S. Tibbits Sponsorship which gives the high bidder four tickets to every event at the theatre was purchased by Kaiser Electric, Jim and Renee White, David and Caroline Austin, and Paul and Kathy Bair.

Themed after the popular Disney movie “Mary Poppins,” the opera house was decorated with kites, umbrellas, silhouettes of London rooftops, penguins, teacups and an English garden. Volunteers for the event were dressed as chimney sweeps.  Mary Poppins, Bert and Mr. Banks were also in attendance. Over 200 guests enjoyed a wine pull, raffles, food and beverages as well as the auction.  Nearly 500 items were up for silent auction in the art gallery and another 60 were available for the entertaining live auction on stage led by Darren Spieth and Dan Satow, owners Spieth & Satow Auctioneers.

Tibbits Executive Director Christine Delaney, dressed as the famous nanny, thanked attendees, volunteers and all who support the theatre.   “This event represents about ten percent of our annual budget.” She added, “This great event is the culmination of the efforts of so many volunteers and donations from so many local businesses that believe in Tibbits’ mission and the value that it has to our community. I am humbled by, and grateful for the support and generosity of our community.”

This year’s auction committee included Trisha Brokus, Alicia Johansen, Tricia Mayer, Crystal Stoner, Jan Wittington and Linda Woodhams. Angela Washburn was coordinator of the auction for Tibbits.  In addition to these individuals, nearly 100 volunteers helped make the event a success by gathering donations, decorating the theatre, selling raffle tickets or working the night of the event.