Michigan Craft Beverage Council Debuts Website MichiganCraftBeverage.Com

The Michigan Craft Beverage Council (MCBC) has announced the launch of its website, The site features many resources to support the growing industry, including a detailed research finder, an industry marketplace, and business development and support information.

“The Council is very excited to see the new site go live and to share it with Michigan’s booming craft beverage industry,” said MCBC Chair Gary McDowell, who is also director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. “The energy and vision of the Council has been tremendous, and the new website is going to be a reflection of that, offering information, resources and opportunities not found in most other states.”

The MCBC was established in 2018 to provide research, support and promotion for the craft beverage industry and the agricultural inputs that are used in production. is organized by four main categories: Research, Grow, Craft, and Drink, representing four critical components of the craft beverage supply chain:

Research – MCBC manages an annual research grant program and makes past research available with a new, easily searchable research database. The site also provides a survey link encouraging stakeholders to submit research ideas.

Grow – The website provides numerous resources for growers, including an industry marketplace that connects Michigan growers and craft beverage processors.

Craft – MCBC provides information and support for the industry, including links to agricultural business development support, licensing requirement information, and numerous connections to organizational partners.

Drink – The website leverages a natural connection between tourism and craft beverage producers, encouraging consumers to experience flavors that are uniquely Michigan. The site links to numerous regional transportation services, highlights recent award winners, and includes popular, annual festival information.

Michigan’s craft beverage industry has grown significantly in recent years, due in part to successful industry pioneers, a booming agritourism sector, and the state’s agricultural heritage. The state boasts 3,050 acres of wine grape vineyards, approximately 900 acres of hops, and numerous varieties of hard cider apples. seeks to make connections and enhance consumer pride for the next chapter of this thriving industry.


The Michigan Craft Beverage Council is a 10-member, governor-appointed board that is advisory to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and was established to provide for research, marketing and promotion of Michigan agricultural products that are used in the production of Michigan craft beverages.