Journeyman Distillery Introduces NEW Michigan Cherry Whiskey

Fresh Michigan Cherries were the inspiration for Journeyman Distillery’s new Pit-Spitter Cherry Whiskey, available at their Three Oaks, MI location beginning Friday, October 18th.

Made with Michigan Montmorency cherries, Pit-Spitter starts with Journeyman’s acclaimed Last Feather Organic Rye Whiskey. Featuring a mashbill of 60% locally produced rye and 40% locally produced wheat, Last Feather is Journeyman’s best-selling and most awarded whiskey. Macerated whole cherries are added to the cask-strength spirit and soaked for 30 days—imparting the natural colors and flavors that make Pit-Spitter unique.

“We’re not using short cuts like cherry concentrate or flavored syrup,” notes Journeyman Distiller, Matt McClain. “There’s literally a half-pound of cherries infused into each bottle of spirit.”

The grain-to-bottle process is time consuming and labor intensive, but Journeyman founder, Bill Welter, believes it is worth it. “We wanted to create a cherry spirit that reflects the heritage and terroir of Michigan’s farmlands—not an artificially flavored approximation,” he said.

After the macerated cherries are removed, the 120-proof spirit is cut to a bottling strength of 70-proof with natural water and a touch of sugar to give it a nice sweet kick—perfect for mixing or sipping.

Journeyman Distillery will release its new Pit-Spitter Cherry Whiskey on Friday, October 18, 2019—available at their Three Oaks distillery only. The new spirit will be priced at $24.99 for 375ml bottles and $44.99 for 750ml. For more information call (269) 820-2050.