Be a Double Crosser During the 2019 Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk

Last year brought a lot of changes in the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk including the elimination of busing and the ability to start the walk from either St. Ignace or Mackinaw City. One exciting opportunity the walk in the new format introduced was the opportunity to walk the entire length of the bridge, turn around, and walk back (a ten-mile circuit). While this option is certainly not for everyone, organizers recognized it as a unique draw to the event.

In 2018 the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce hosted the inaugural “Double Crossers Club,” which was an opportunity to celebrate the hardy individuals who walked the entire length of the bridge, and back, collecting a certificate from both sides. The Chamber sold 100 limited edition, commemorative t-shirts. In hopes of attracting the adventurous walkers again this year, the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce will again host the second annual “Double Crossers Club,” by printing the commemorative shirt available for purchase by those that intend to walk the entire distance of the bridge and back and receive a certificate of completion from both St. Ignace and Mackinaw City.

“The Double Crossers Club is an exciting little promotion that I hold dear to my heart,” says Chamber of Commerce Director, Jamie Westfall. “At first it was about making a big change to a 60-year tradition and finding a fun spin. Now, thanks to community, it’s also about coming up with a wickedly cool annual shirt design. These shirts will not be for sale at the walk. We only printed 200; they are pre-order, limited edition. Order online or on the phone, we ship to you. We’re not looking to get into the t-shirt business, but it’s a nice fundraiser for the organization, and an awesome personal achievement for the participant. At the office we are now in a mad dash to sell 200 shirts in one month. We love meeting the Double Crossers that stop in our office, we hope people will stop in to meet us! It’s a great way for our organization to be a little more interactive with the annual event.”

There is never a cost to participate in the Bridge Walk, but the official “Double Crossers Club” t-shirt is available to purchase at the Chamber of Commerce in Mackinaw City (707 N. Huron Ave), or online at Proceeds from shirt sales will directly support community programs and events hosted by the Greater Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce.

Double Crossers are encouraged to start the walk promptly at 7:00 a.m. If any participant does not make it all the way across and back to center span by 10 a.m. they will be turned back to the nearest side and will be responsible for their own transportation across the bridge after the event ends. To be a Double Crosser you will need to keep a steady pace and know your ability. There is no transportation option available through the Chamber of Commerce, so please plan accordingly and start early! Double Crossers can purchase the shirt in advance through the Chamber and walk independently, there is no designated meeting location for the Double Crossers. Participants will recognize the shirts and be able to wave to their double crossing counterparts from the opposite shore as they cross paths near center span.

T-shirt cost- $25.00 (includes tax, shipping, and processing fees). Order and pick up in person at our Chamber Office 707 N. Huron Ave. to save $5.00! Call (231)436-5574 to check size availability. T-shirts now available! Order online today: or call (231)436-5574