Sunflower Festival comes to Kalamazoo

Five acres of sunflowers colored yellow, plum, red, white, bi-color and more are growing in preparation for Gull Meadow Farm’s first annual Sunflower Festival. Seeds for 20 different varieties of Sunflowers went in the ground in mid-May. Justin Wendzel, Manager and son of the Gull Meadow Farms owners says, “Some colors of sunflowers farm visitors have never seen before.”

Gull Meadow Farm’s activities revolve around creating new experiences for families. Wendzel says, “We love seeing families make memories here at the farm. What better way than a field full of beautiful sunflowers? When you see a field of sunflowers you just can’t help but smile.”

Though seeds went in the ground in May, a lot of things can impact how fast these flowers mature. Things like heat, rain, and deer eating the plants can change the timing. However, since the farm planted many different varieties, the sunflowers will mature at different rates ensuring a beautiful two weeks of constant blooming this August. The second and third weekends are currently predicted to be peak bloom times.

Knowing what a special opportunity this will be for artists and photographers, the farm also plans to schedule special times for photographers to take advantage of the golden hour at sunset during the festival. Those details will be released when time gets closer and the farm has a better idea on the bloom times for the sunflowers.

Event Details:

Dates: August 9-11 and August 16-18.

Time: 3:00 PM – 8:30 PM Friday

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets are available at a discount if you pre-purchase online before the event.

Early bird sale for tickets will be at $11/person when they become available.  Tickets are available now!

Children under 36” are free.

Tickets will be sold during different time slots to prevent overcrowding in the sunflower field.

Gull Meadow Farms will also have concessions available as well as delicious donuts! That’s right, the sunflowers not only extend the farm season but also donut season!

2019 Season Pass Holders receive a special discount for this event.