Cycling the City

Zeeland will host its first Cycling the City event on June 12 at 6:30pm. Riders can meet at the Main
Street Bicycle Company (201 E. Main Avenue) to begin the group ride. This event is open to all ages, a
helmet is required.

Cycling the City is a social group ride through the streets and paved pathways of Zeeland. The event will
take place three times throughout the summer on June 10, July 12 and finally August 14. This slow ride
is welcome to all ages and cycling levels as it is not intended to be a race of any sort, but simply a cruise
throughout the City. You are required to supply your own bike and helmet for this event. A vintage
treat will be given out at the completion of the ride.

The route each month will change, but the length will be approximately 7 miles in length. The event is
completely free of charge. “This event is open to every type of bike, and all ages. It gives people the
ability to few our beautiful City on a safe, leisurely bike ride,” says Kerri VanDorp, City Events

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