Inland Seas Education Association Reaches Big Milestones

Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA), a local nonprofit that seeks to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students, is about to reach 125,000 total participants aboard its schooners since its founding in 1989.

ISEA will reach this milestone June 7 at 1 p.m. during the Next Gen Microplastics program on the schooner Inland Seas with students from Eastern Elementary School.

“One student has been selected from Ms. Nelson’s elementary class,” Stephanie Rustem, Office Manager/Program Coordinator for ISEA, said. “She will receive a special Inland Seas keepsake to commemorate the milestone.” To help celebrate the momentous occasion, the United States Coast Guard will be flying over the Schoolship.

Additionally, Ann Rogers, one of the first teachers to bring her students on an ISEA program will be attending the sail. Rogers reminisces about the impact ISEA has had on her life and the importance of hands-on Great Lakes education.

One of her former students, Carl Ganter, will also be aboard the Schoolship. Ganter is co-founder and director of Circle of Blue, a ‘center for frontline reporting, research, and analysis on water resource issues and their relationship to food and energy in a changing climate.’

In 2014, ISEA reached its 100,000th participant milestone. The organization sees roughly 5,000 participants from local and regional schools as well as the general public aboard its ships annually.

With the milestone on the horizon, ISEA will also be celebrating their 30th anniversary this month as well as the grand opening of the newly renovated Captain Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station Friday, June 21.