Long Road Distillers Named Michigan Gin Distillery of the Year at International Spirits Contest

Internationally recognized Grand Rapids distillery, Long Road Distillers, was named Michigan Gin Distillery of the Year at the 10th Annual New York International Spirits Competition. Over their three-year history the distillery has built a reputation for the quality and innovation utilized in producing their 100% Michigan distilled line-up of spirits, including gins, vodkas, aquavits, whiskies, and liqueurs.

Over 600 spirits from 29 countries were submitted and judged by a panel of “trade-only” judges at the annual event. The judges come from a variety of disciplines, but all work with spirits on a daily basis. They are made up of restauranteurs, sommeliers, retail buyers, distributors and importers.

The honor of “Gin Distillery of the Year” is fitting for the Grand Rapids company. Since opening in 2015, Long Road and their line-up of botanical spirits, including Long Road Dry Gin, Long Road MICHIGIN and Long Road Aquavit, have established themselves as leaders in the craft spirits industry in Michigan and beyond.

“We’re honored to claim this title,” said Jon O’Connor, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road Distillers. “We take a great deal of pride in crafting our portfolio of gins – it’s one of our favorite spirits to produce and share with others.”

The distillery offers several year-round and limited-release gins, including Long Road Dry Gin, Long Road MICHIGIN, Long Road Barrel Reserve Gin, Long Road Patriot Gin, and the very limited Long Road Barrel Reserve MICHIGIN.

Long Road’s no-shortcuts approach to crafting spirits and a dedication to using locally sourced ingredients has earned them numerous honors and awards, as well as international acclaim for some lesser-known spirits categories, such as their Aquavits and liqueurs. Their spirits can be found at the distillery on Grand Rapids’ West Side and at over 1,100 retailers, bars, and restaurants throughout the state of Michigan.