Centennial GeoTour plus your smartphone equals 100 new caches in Michigan state parks

If you’re a geocacher – or have ever wanted to give this fun way of exploring the outdoors a try –here’s an adventure you won’t want to miss! The Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour, in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of Michigan state parks, just kicked off May 24.

The new geocache tour offers an opportunity to seek out 100 new caches that reaches across the state, with millions of other geocachers looking for millions of caches all over the globe. This outdoor activity is a fun way to explore some of the state’s most beautiful places, while participating in what’s often called a modern-day treasure hunt.

The tour, in partnership with Michigan Geocaching Organization, is located in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, and helps you explore some of Michigan’s most scenic destinations. It’s really easy to get going. To find the coordinates for the hidden geocaches, you can either download the geocaching app to your smartphone or visit to download the coordinates to your GPS unit (just search for Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour). Next, print your ticket (or pick one up in a state park campground office) and set out on your journey. The coordinates will direct you to ground zero (also known as GZ). The cache page will tell you if you’re looking for something big or small. Some caches might be as big as a five-gallon pail, and some might be as small as a bolt.

When you find the cache, sign the logbook, log your find online and record the code word (located inside the cache) on your ticket. Then, onto the next one! Once you find a certain number of caches in various regions of the state, you can qualify for a silver or gold commemorative Michigan State Parks Centennial Geocoin. Find more information about the Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour – and other special events, podcasts, historical stories, videos and more to celebrate Michigan state parks’ 100th birthday – at

Come out and play, and happy caching!