Left Foot Charley Celebrates 15 Years of Local Wine Production

Left Foot Charley is celebrating 15 years of growing wine this year. Located in Building 53 in the Village at Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City, Left Foot Charley, known as LFC by many, is one of the longest tenured residents in the Village at Grand Traverse Commons. This year they plan to celebrate year 15 by greening up the Tasting Room and offering several events to highlight the past success and future potential of the winery.

“We have spent 15 years investing in the winemaking equipment and facilities to ensure that we started with quality wine”, says Left Foot Charley winemaker Bryan Ulbrich. “This year we are ready to improve the customer experience with the addition of a Living Wall by Live Wall, Inc, a new bar top made from 90% recycled paper, and updated seating. “

The Living Wall is a product of Live Wall, Inc. out of Nunica, MI. This new feature consists of around 70 square feet of live plants to capture the abundant sunshine in the room and will expand the LFC practice of growing plants in the window adorned space. The wall will also help to filter the air and aid in echo suppression.

Keeping with the green theme, LFC has long desired a bar top made from PaperStone out of Washington state. This material feels like soapstone but is made from recycled paper that is compressed into a uniform surface. “From day one I wanted this material for our bar top, but in those days, securing quality grapes, selecting the right barrels, and purchasing specialized winemaking equipment took precedence,“ says Ulbrich.

Ulbrich adds, “It’s not uncommon for wineries to open with an identity centered around fancy bars, artwork, or architecture. As winemaker I was more focused on the wine itself than the marketing. Building a winery is a process that takes patience. It takes years to develop the vineyards and winemaking practices. It’s not just aging the wines for years. Learning how to work with various vineyard sites to reveal the array of potential flavors and move them safely to the bottle is a lifelong pursuit. Now that we have stability in our process, it’s time for the accoutrements!”

Left Foot Charley will host several events throughout the next year to celebrate the 15 year milestone. The celebration kicks off on the Piazza in front of Left Foot Charley on June 7th with birthday cake and music by Delilah DeWylde. LFC plans to continue the birthday celebration through June 14th with special pours from the wine library, winery tours, and live music.

To learn more about Left Foot Charley’s birthday week, visit them on Facebook.