Schooner Inland Seas Turns 25

The 77′ schooner Inland Seas will be celebrating its 25th birthday around noon on Friday, May 17, 2019. Schoolship students from Stocking Elementary in Grand Rapids will receive cake, cookies, and ice cream in the park near its dock in Suttons Bay prior to boarding the ship for their Schoolship experience. Stocking Elementary students participating in an Inland Seas Education Association  Schoolship program on the schooner Manitou in Traverse City will also be celebrating the birthday with cookies.

The ship was constructed by Treworgy Yachts at a boat yard in Palm Coast, FL and was launched on May 18, 1994. Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) director Fred Sitkins said the schooner was specifically designed to educate and foster Great Lakes stewardship. Learning stations for up to 32 participants are located throughout the ship during Schoolship and public science programs. In addition to public day programs in the summer, ISEA also offers Young People in STEM three-day trips and daily and multi-day charters. Up to 10 guests can sleep aboard.

“The schooner Inland Seas will be going to ports throughout the Great Lakes this summer including Charlevoix, Hessel, Detroit, Trenton, Cleveland, Traverse City, Green Bay, and Sturgeon Bay,” said Sitkins. Port programming includes participation in tall ship festivals and private charters with organizations that have similar missions to ISEA. The schooner Utopia, another tall ship owned by ISEA, will also be sailing around the Great Lakes this summer. Ports include Harbor Springs, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Escanaba, and Duluth, MN. Dockside port programs, including their remotely operated vehicle STEM program, will be offered.

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