Raven Hill hosts “To the Moon and Beyond”

Save these dates!  July 20th of this year is the 50th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon, and Raven Hill Discovery Center is celebrating with a variety of events starting Saturday, May 18th from noon to 4pm. “To the Moon and Beyond” is a chance to highlight the science of space and its historical and cultural impact on man.

On Saturday, May 18, from noon to 4pm, the community is invited to “Science Day: Earth and Space” with activities developed by the National Informal STEM Education (NISE) Network. Raven Hill is one of 350 communities across the United States to be chosen to engage participants in Earth and Space phenomena, encourage reflection around science as a way of knowing and promote visitors to identify as science learners. Families are invited to come and engage in a variety of hands-on Earth and Space science concepts. Kids of all ages can take part in ‘make-it, take-it activities’ which will give guests an opportunity to construct an electroscope to detect static electricity, make a pocket solar system, build & test simple rockets and other exciting activities. Local science enthusiasts from EJ (formerly East Jordan Ironworks) will be on hand to facilitate stations, as part of Enhance East Jordan. Science Day: Explore Earth and Space is sponsored in part by the National Informal STEM Education Network, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

A Space Exhibit will run from July 1st to the 21st in the Warren Loranger Great Room and will include displays of shuttle tiles, spinoffs from NASA’s space program, a scaled solar system model, a “lost on the moon” problem-solving activity among other displays and posters, all of which will encourage families to engage in the awe-inspiring fields of Earth and space science.  

On July 18th at 4pm, the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra will perform an open air concert under the Pavilion at Raven Hill, featuring Celestial Summer music inspired by space exploration, and planets in the solar system. Selections include Kligende Geographie, by Telemann; Navarra, by Sarasate; Musica Celestis, by Kernis and the Holst Planets.

Finally, from noon to 4pm on July 20th, the Center will host Space Day: To the Moon and Beyond, with a number of exciting events. In addition to more hands-on NISE Network Earth & Space activities, families can visit the Eggdrop Station and package a raw egg to simulate the lunar module landing its delicate instruments on the moon’s surface. Eggdrop packages will then be dropped 1,000 feet from a plane at 3 p.m. Afterwards, everyone will be invited to participate in a Rocket to the Moon challenge.

Tickets for the Celestial Summer concert are $20 per person. Admission is $10 per person for all other events, discounted 10% for members.   Picnic tables are available for lunches and snacks.  For more information, questions to volunteer or become an event sponsor, please call Cheri at 231-536-3369 or email