Statewide Lighthouse Resources

Did you know that nearly three dozen of Michigan’s 120 or so historic lighthouses are rumored to be haunted? Read these haunting tales in the pages of Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses by Dianna Stampfler of Promote Michigan. This brand new book covers ghosts and spirits that remained with their lighthouses after death. Order your copy of the book online at

The Great Lakes provide one of the most valuable natural resources in brewing craft beer, and here in Michigan, you’ll find many shoreline communities that embrace both their rich maritime history and local craft breweries. Towns like St. Joseph, Ludington, Cheboygan, Alpena, Marquette, and Copper Harbor (among many others) are home to towering beacons not far from breweries where fresh local beer flows. Some breweries have taken their love of lights one step further by incorporating them into their product labels like Singapore IPA from Saugatuck Brewing Company, Third Coast Ale from Bell’s Brewery. For more information, read the Fall 2017 issue of MiBrew, the official Enthusiast magazine from the Michigan Brewers Guild.

There are more than 100 other lighthouses that you can visit in West Michigan and around Lake Michigan. Learn more about each one, as well as the Lake Michigan Circle Tour through WMTA’s Lighthouse Map