Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries

Many wineries, breweries, and distilleries use farm-to-table practices with both their food menus and the craft beverages that they’re creating. Pair these two for the perfect fresh and local dining experience!



Why not enjoy delicious food with a locally-crafted beverage? Grown and created in northern Michigan, the wines produced by the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula are a perfect example of farm-to-table drinking. Enjoy a fine glass or bring home a bottle of Old Mission Peninsula award-winning wine!

Experience incredible locally-sourced food at Black Star Farms in Suttons Bay. Their menu features seasonal fruits, vegetables, and proteins straight from their farm as well as neighboring farms. During your meal, you can relax and enjoy their award-winning wine, ciders, and spirits that pair excellently with the farm-to-table cuisine.

After a long day of traveling around southwest Michigan, take a moment to enjoy a glass of wine from 12 Corners Vineyards in Benton Harbor. As you drink your wine, you can look out over the 115-acre estate and see exactly where your wine is being produced.


Along the scenic Rogue River and White Pine Trail, you’ll find the Rockford Brewing Company. Dedicated to serving West Michigan with the finest food and drinks, you can experience a refined menu that incorporates farm-fresh ingredients. They are culinary masters that support local farms, bakeries, and butchers, bringing everything together at your table.

Located in the lively westside of Grand Rapids, the New Holland Brewing Company’s Knickerbocker Brewpub is the perfect spot for a farm-to-table experience, with a seasonal menu that reflects local and regional agriculture. Their beers are also locally crafted in nearby Holland.


Located in Three Oaks, the distillery and restaurant at Journeyman Distillery is the epitome of the trendy farm-to-table lifestyle. As a certified organic distillery, they use locally-sourced grains for the distillation process as well as fresh ingredients for their restaurant, the Staymaker. They have proudly worked with farmers, butchers, and bakeries for years to ensure that they’re serving the highest-quality meals.

Based in Holland, visit the award-winning Coppercraft Distillery for its artisan spirits and full-service restaurant. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy an unprecedented experience that brings family, farm, and fine beverages to the table. Coppercraft pairs locally and seasonally-inspired menu items and handcrafted cocktails that are bound to delight!