Tulip Time a Catalyst for Significant Community Impact

Tulip Time® Festival ( has released their 2018 economic impact and demographic study data completed in partnership with Hope College’s Frost Research Center. The study examines the economic benefits of the Tulip Time Festival on the Holland area as well as an attendee profile. With attendance estimated at 500,000 visitors over the course of 9 days, the result is $48 million in economic impact for greater Holland and Ottawa County.

“It’s all about community,” states Tim Vreeman, Board Chair for the Tulip Time Festival. “The community of Holland has entrusted us with 9 days to showcase our hometown and bring our community together, invite others to experience our lovely city, and to be an inspiration for other communities across the country and around the world.”

Respondents have a very favorable view of Tulip Time with 61% of visitors extremely likely to recommend the festival to a friend or family member. On a net promoter scale, the average visitor rating for Tulip Time was a 9.10 out of 10 (where 10 = very likely to recommend) – signifying a high level of satisfaction with the festival.

Visitors from all corners of the globe travel to Holland; 64% of attendees come from outside the Holland area. While 80% of the visitor population identifies as Caucasian; notably 11% identified as Asian/Pacific Islander. The number of previous Tulip Time visits was multimodal, with nearly three quarters of respondents reporting this was their first time (46%) or that they had previously visited 9 or more times (26%).

Attendees stay an average of 2.67 days and overnight visitors spend $241.44 per person per day while at the festival. Overall, attendees, who include overnight visitors, local and day- trippers, spend an average of $133.94 per person per day. Of the total attendee population, 73% come from a pre-retirement age, a trend that continues to grow since 2015.

Tulip Time’s free events continue to be among the most popular. The top three events are parades, Dutch Dance and the Artisan Market respectively. These events are generously supported by over 180 local businesses and organizations that donate their time, talent and treasure each year.