Loutit District Library to Hold Screening of Michigan Truth Tour Documentary October 10th

The Michigan Truth Tour will make a Wednesday, October 10 stop in Grand Haven at the Loutit District Library with a screening of the documentary, “Michigan Divided,” beginning 7:00 p.m. in Program Room A.

The hour-long “Michigan Divided” documentary captures the deeply divided culture, but also brings partisans together and illustrates how, at heart, there are also some values that are shared. The documentary debuted in March and will be shown frequently during the Michigan Truth Tour.

The Michigan Truth Tour plans up to 100 stops across through Election Day in November. The Center for Michigan is partnering with community leaders to hold town hall meetings and documentary screenings, discuss substantive local and state issues, distribute Michigan Facts & Issue Guides, profile communities in Bridge, and cover and fact-check prominent campaign events in your area. Bridge spent the past year chronicling the lives of Michigan voters across the political spectrum.

For more information, visit or call 616-842-5560, ext. 214.