Oliver Art Center Hosts Opening Reception for Newest Exhibition on Friday, July 20th

Oliver Art Center is celebrating regional artists Shanny Brooke, Joseph De Luca, and Daniel Heron this July. Shanny Brooke is primarily self –taught and started painting about 8 years ago as a casual outlet to deal with stress. style has developed over the years from figurative portraits into a much freer style of ethereal abstracts. Shanny paints primarily in acrylic and oil and spends a lot of time experimenting and adding gold leaf into her work. Shanny is the owner of Higher Art Gallery in Downtown Traverse city and is anxious to begin a new collection of work inspired by the work she is lucky enough to be surrounded by each day.

Joseph De Luca’s work is the boldest, and strongest of three in the sense of its thick impasto style, his use of texture and dark colors. De Luca was born in New York state and attended Michigan State University where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree. He was a professor emeritus of art at Western Michigan University for thirty-eight years.

Daniel Heron credits his mother for fostering his early interest in art by providing him with painting and drawing lessons. Beyond this early training, he was self-taught until a Michigan gallery accepted his work. Through that gallery, he became acquainted with Joe De Luca and credits him with furthering his art education. His inspiration comes from early American Indian art forms, specifically the colorful geometrics of the Great Plains tribes’ beadwork, Navajo weavings, Membres pottery, the designs painted on teepees, and the rock paintings found in various regions of America. Heron combines earthy primitive colors, textures, designs and stylized figures in the style of his other major influence — the abstract expressionists. His work has been exhibited in numerous shows across Michigan.

Together the group ranges in styles from rich and dense to flowing and cloudlike. Different elements that make up a whole. The exhibition runs from July 20 – August 30 with the opening reception on Friday, July 20 from 5pm-7pm. The exhibition is generously sponsored by Cooley Contracting.