G.T. Butterfly House & Bug Zoo Celebrates 5 Years!

GT Butterfly House & Bug Zoo is ready to welcome visitors Tuesday, May 1st for their 5th season as a family-friendly attraction! The walk-through Butterfly Garden will again feature thousands of blooming flowers showcasing hundreds of the world’s most exotic butterflies.

Over the past five years, the Butterfly House & Bug Zoo has:

  • Hosted thousands of school, civic and professional groups! Last year we saw 1,250 school kids alone
  • Partnered with Munson Hospice Bereavement Program to offer Public Monarch Butterfly Releases, in memory of loved ones
  • Hosted hundreds of guests between the ages of 3 and 102 who have held our Tarantula “CJ”
  • Annual Contributor to Community Causes such as ‘GT Conservation District programs”, “Acme Fall Festival” and “SEEDS Education Outreach Programs”
  • 2017 “Business of the Year”, awarded by Williamsburg Emergency Service Auxiliary (WESA)
  • Performed dozens of free educational public releases of Monarch Butterflies, annually releasing over 200 Monarchs to make the migration to Central America

In addition to the always popular Butterfly House, The Bug Zoo is crawling with excitement! The Tarantula Tree promises to thrill guests with colorful, furry tarantulas set into a unique display. The Zoo also features a working Honeybee Observation Hive, allowing visitors to watch hundreds of bees inside the hive, including her Majesty, our resident Queen Bee! The Beetle Boulder exhibit will have some visitor’s favorites, including a giant centipede, over-sized millipedes and of course, beetles…even BLUE ones!

Take time to explore Duke Elsner’s Crawl Space, an exhibit featuring collected insect specimens from our resident Entomologist, Dr. Duke Elsner. Dr. Elsner, a Traverse City local, has collected thousands of specimens and has played a vital role in providing education on insects; including his favorite, Michigan butterfly and moth species. The Zoo’s amphibian collection is now expanded to include a native tiger salamander aptly named “Toni.”

The Zoo will be open daily and offers self-guided tours from 10am until 4:30pm, 30 minutes prior to closing. The Zoo is completely barrier free. Admission rates and group tour information can be found on our website, or call 231.944.0774 for more information.