Local Electric Bike Shop Answers the Question, “Are Electric Bikes Worth It?”

Electric bikes have been hitting the pavement with increasing numbers. While those that have electric bikes may attest to their worth, there is still the price tag to consider when purchasing into a new activity. Electric Bike Place (powered by MACkite) has decided to answer the question that they receive frequently – are electric bikes worth the cost?

To start, what is an electric bike? For those who are starting their electric bike researching journey, an electric bike is a bicycle frame that consists of three main components: a battery, a motor, and an acceleration mode (pedal assistance or throttle).

Many bikes can travel around 20 miles per hour and have an average distance of 35 miles. They typically take 2 – 6 hours to charge using a standard outlet.

Who rides electric bikes? Everyone! As long as you follow the laws in your respective state or country, electric bikes can be ridden by just about everyone. From those who are looking for a bike to commute to school or work to those who are looking for an activity during recovery from an injury.

Electric bikes are costly, but they do have their benefits. For example, they are great for commuting. Pedego, one of the largest electric bike brands in the United States, has had stories of riders commuting 9 miles or longer on their electric bikes. Another great example of the benefits of electric bikes is the increase in cardiovascular activity. While you may have optional assistance, riders are still able to increase their heart rates and experience lower body fat over time. A final example is the amount of gas riders are saving by using an electric bike a few times a week instead of their car. According to Electric Bike Report, it costs roughly 8 cents to charge and electric bike battery and on average amount of fuel paid for a sedan (according to AAA) is over $1600. From there, it’s a numbers game.

The staff at Electric Bike Place hear frequently that electric bikes are too expensive. Electric bikes can range anywhere between $900 to $10,000. There are a few key reasons as to why they are so expensive. The first reason is that riders get what they pay for when it comes to purchasing an electric bike. While this is not the case for all bike brands, often times cheaper bikes mean cheaper components. It is always a good idea to do research on a bike before

purchasing. A second reason why electric bikes are costly is because they are often outfitted with Lithium Ion batteries. Lastly, shipping bicycles is often expensive. While it may be free shipping to the rider’s door, the manufacturer is most likely paying $150 or more for freight shipping costs.

At Electric Bike Place, it is okay to be a skeptic. The best thing visitors can do is try a bike before placing judgement on the look. More often than not, when skeptics get on an electric bike, the famed “electric smile” occurs (it is one that only occurs during and after riding an electric bike).

In conclusion, while electric bikes may be costly, they can benefit in many ways including improving overall health and saving money on gas. Ultimately, it is up to the user whether or not an electric bike works for them. Electric Bike Place is here to help, whether visitors purchase a bike or not, to help decide if an electric bike is absolutely worth it.

About Electric Bike Place: Electric Bike Place is an ebike company based in Grand Haven, Michigan, and is an authorized dealer for Pedego, Focus, Kalkhoff, Faraday, Haibike, Stromer, ProdecoTech, and iZip electric bikes. Electric Bike Place focuses on ebike education, sales, service, and rentals. Electric Bike Place is powered by MACkite, a kiteboarding, snowboard, ski, stand up paddleboard (SUP), and ebike retail store that has been in business for over 30 years. MACkite was voted as 2016’s Kiteboarding Retailer of the Year by the Association of Wind & Water Sports Industries.