Bier Distillery Installs Tesla Car Chargers

Bier Distillery announced today the availability of its Tesla car chargers, a first for a Michigan distillery, brewery, or winery. Owned and operated by Bier Distillery, the Tesla chargers are available free of charge to electric vehicle drivers on a first come, first serve basis. There are four chargers that can be used simultaneously.

Commenting on this important addition, Joel Bierling, President of Bier Distillery, said, “Bier Distillery is proud to support the electric vehicle community. The number of electric cars on the road will only be increasing in the near future. The cars need convenient places to recharge, and the drivers often need to recharge as well.” Bierling added, “Why not do it in one location?”

About Bier Distillery

Bier Distillery’s roots go back decades. Coming from a long line of bakers and brewers, they were looking for a way to put their stamp on a family tradition. Distilled spirits was the answer. They now produce an expanding line of grain and fruit to glass spirits, beer and wine at the distillery. Bier Distillery’s leading brands are Sole Cry Rye Whiskey, Devil’s Message Rum, Mum’s Ruin Gin, Heart Cut Vodka, Brillari Amaro Americano, Henry’s Absent Absinthe Verte, and JusttheShine Moonshine.