Award-Winning Small Batch Distillery Set to Release “Breakfast Rye” Whiskey

Gray Skies Distillery will release their first rye whiskey the week of December 3rd. It will be available for purchase in their tasting room and through licensed retailers, bars and restaurants around Michigan via statewide distribution. Breakfast Rye whiskey was initially aged in charred new, oak barrels then finished for six months in maple syrup casks—imparting a subtle, sweet finish to the otherwise spicy rye spirit. Following their Utility Vodka, Barrel Finished Gin, and Spiced Rum, Breakfast Rye is the fourth spirit Gray Skies Distillery released for distribution.

Breakfast Rye, like all Gray Skies whiskey, is crafted from grain, pot distilled, and aged in their Grand Rapids, MI distillery.

Breakfast Rye was created in collaboration with Grand Rapids, MI based BLiS Gourmet who provided the maple syrup casks used to finish the whiskey. BLiS Gourmet makes award-winning Bourbon Barrel Maple syrup by aging raw Michigan maple syrup in old, rustic Kentucky bourbon barrels. After BLiS emptied the maple syrup, Gray Skies Distillery filled the barrels with rye whiskey to impart the maple character responsible for name Breakfast Rye.

“Breakfast Rye was named after someone remarked ‘it smells like breakfast’ while trying a sample,” said Steve Vander Pol, co-owner of Gray Skies Distillery. “We distill our rye whiskey from a high rye mash-bill consisting of 85% rye grain and 15% malted barley. The abundance of rye produces a spicy whiskey and we were thrilled to taste how maple compliments the spice to provide a complex spirit with a velvety mouthfeel and long, smooth finish. Breakfast Rye is an excellent whiskey to drink neat or on the rocks but it shines in classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned.”

“This is our only new spirit release in 2017,” said Vander Pol. “We are in the process of patiently waiting years for our whiskey to mature before we release it and we are excited to follow Breakfast Rye with additional whiskey releases next year including Michigan Straight Bourbon whiskey and Michigan Straight Rye whiskey”

Gray Skies Distillery was named Michigan Distillery of The Year in 2016 at the 7th annual New York International Spirits Competition on the strength of its gold medal winning Barrel Finished Gin. The Gray Skies Distillery line up of spirits are currently available in hundreds of licensed retailers, bars and restaurants around Michigan. Distribution is currently limited to Michigan but the distillery plans to expand into additional states with future whiskey releases.

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