Long Road Distillers Set to Release OLD MICHIGIN, Barrel Aged Version of Award Winning Gin

Grand Rapids-based Long Road Distillers will release the barrel-aged version of their award-winning gin, MICHIGIN, on Wednesday, October 4 when their doors open at 4 pm. The gin was crafted from 100% Michigan ingredients, starting with water fresh from Lake Michigan, red winter wheat from Heffron Farms and juniper harvested by hand on Beaver Island. Fewer than 200 bottles of Long Road’s OLD MICHIGIN will be released and will only be available at the distillery on Grand Rapids’ west side.

MICHIGIN’s base spirit is distilled from red winter wheat from nearby Belding, Michigan, milled on site at the distillery on Grand Rapids’ West Side. It was then redistilled with a variety of Michigan botanicals, including lemon verbena and fennel from Visser Farms in Zeeland, lemon balm from Creation Farms in Beulah, and Galena hops from the Michigan Hop Alliance in Northport. The resulting gin is unlike any other and offers a fresh taste of Michigan from start to finish.

The distillery decided to set aside a single barrel of OLD MICHIGIN to release prior to the making of Batch No. 2. The result exceeded expectations, according to Long Road team members.

“The barrel and the gin complimented each other perfectly” said Kyle Shutz, head distiller at Long Road Distillers. “The resulting flavor is a bit more crisp and still has all of the fresh juniper notes that people loved about the original recipe.”

The original Long Road MICHIGIN was named “Best Gin in the World” at the Fifty Best Competition in July and sold out shortly after the announcement. The next batch of MICHIGIN is slated for an early November release.

Long Road OLD MICHIGIN® will be available to taste or enjoy in a cocktail, and to purchase by the bottle, beginning at 4pm on Wednesday, October 4 at the distillery at 537 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504.