Abandon the Furious Pace of Modern Life with Fly Tying at the Arts Council

The Holland Area Arts Council offers a fly tying class, The Art of Deception, on Tuesdays starting October 17th from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

At least as far back as the 2nd Century CE, people have been tying fur and feathers to hooks for the purpose of deceiving and capturing fish. This fascinating art form known as Fly Tying is alive and well today, and while the tools, materials and techniques have become more refined and specialized, the heart of the enterprise remains unchanged from its ancient origins.

Fly tying requires students to lean in close and observe the form and function of some of the natural world’s most subtly beautiful creatures, and then to recreate them in artifice. This, in turn, teaches the fly tier to abandon the furious pace of modern life for a bit, and become still enough to see, often in materials so humble and unassuming that we’ve all but forgotten they exist, the potential to become art by imitating life.

In this course, instructor Bryon Anderson will teach students to use the most common fly tying tools to create 4 finished standard fly patterns. In doing so, students will cover the life cycles of common aquatic and terrestrial insects and other organisms preyed upon by freshwater game fish, and they will learn basic fly tying techniques that will enable them to use a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials to successfully imitate these organisms.

Fly tying is enjoyable and illuminating for anglers and non-anglers alike, for even if the flies students tie never go near water or fish, the art itself opens eyes to new worlds.

The class is open to students ages 16 & up. Learning will be spread across four classes, from October 17th through November 14th, with no class on October 31st. Each class will meet from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Holland Area Arts Council, located at 150 East 8th Street. Call (616) 396-3278, email or visit for more information and to register.